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When are the medals awarded?
The tests are taken during the Friday course.
Do I need protective equipment when snowboarding?
Wearing a helmet is strongly recommended and for beginners, wrist and back protectors are recommended.
I've never skied before. Can I sign up for the snowboarding course?
Yes, they are 2 completely different disciplines and it's possible to start snowboarding without ever having skied. The two disciplines require completely different techniques and balance. However, it's easier to start with skiing, as balance is harder to find in snowboarding.
Can parents attend their children's sessions at the Club Piou-Piou kindergarten?
It's only human to want to stay "hidden" to keep an eye on your child, but your little one will spot you sooner than you think, and that's likely to disrupt their learning and prevent them from having lots of fun with their new friends!
How do the tests work?
Friday will be the day of your child's test. Your child will be awarded a medal and an ability booklet to reward the progress he or she has made.
What happens at the meeting point for lessons?
Meet your child's instructor a few minutes before the start of the lesson, in front of the sign indicating the level in which your child is registered.
Is insurance included in the price of the course?
Insurance is not included in the price of ski lessons. esf recommends that you take out full snow cover from the date you purchase your services until the end of your stay.
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