Advice for parents

For parents of young children:

  • A snack is offered to your child
  • Put a handkerchief in their pocket
  • Give them a cuddly toy (we'll take it if they're really sad) in the hood or in the suit, next to his "little heart".
  • Dress them warmly: gloves, hat, sunglasses, sun cream
  • Keep out of sight of your child

For older children:

  • Equip your child properly: Anorak, hat or helmet, mittens, goggles, sun cream, handkerchiefs, etc.
  • It is strongly recommended that children wear helmets on the ski slopes.
  • Don't forget your ski pass
  • Avoid following the lessons and calling out to your child during ski lessons
  • Leave it up to the instructors to decide whether to change class.
  • Your child is on holiday and the aim is for them to enjoy themselves and want to come back, so respect their pace and don't try to make them a champion before their time.